The opportunity


The UK’s place in the world has attracted millions of people from around to world for work and immigration.  Many sectors, such as finance, higher education and hospitality have traditionally benefitted from a high proportion of an immigrant workforce.

For the public healthcare sector, in the England and Scotland there are around 40,000 and 4,800 unfilled posts respectively in the NHS as of 2021.  The government has pledged to increase the number of NHS nurses by 50,000 by 2025.

Unfortunately, recession, austerity, the Covid pandemic, and the UK’s secession from the European Union have combined to increase the pressure on manpower supply.  In the public healthcare sector, hiring overseas nurses is the opportunity to be part of the solution to a sustainable, skilled and stable workforce of nurses for the long term.


Why recruit internationally?


In sector leading research published by the Nuffield Trust in October 2021 (Return on investment of overseas nurse recruitment: Lessons for the NHS), they concluded that overseas nurses from outside of the EU:

    • Cost less than other alternatives such as temp, agency, or bank nurses in the long run.
    • Were more likely to remain employed in their post than temp staff.
    • Were very hard working and conscientious and compliment the current workforce. 
    • Were more sustainable domestically than attracting nurses from other NHS providers and creating unnecessary competition between trusts.
    • Offered a greater return on investment in comparison to Agency costs.

The research also notes that while upfront costs are higher for overseas nurses, these initial costs can be “recouped within a period ranging from six months to two-and-a-half years.”


While this is simplified for brevity here, recruiting overseas nurses should be part of every NHS Trust’s manpower planning.


Why Work with Us


AGB Resources specialises in the recruitment of overseas workers for skilled work in occupations of shortage in the UK. 

We have a network of reputable recruitment partners from key source markets, who we vet in person, hold under contract, and ensure they are experienced, registered, and qualified to provide workers for migration to the UK. 

We have strong links with the Scottish and Westminster governments, often with their support for recruiting overseas workers.  We are also connected to the overseas diaspora in the UK to provide an existing network for successful applicants settling in the UK.

We do not charge employers any up-front costs or subscription fees.  We invoice only on performance.

And for the provision of nurses and other healthcare workers, we are able to deliver on job orders in the magnitude of hundreds at a time.

Core to our values is the ethical recruitment of overseas workers.   This means a transparent process for applicants, that they are well informed and prepared for their transition to the UK.  We strive to ensure every successful AGB Resourcing applicant you recruit are happy, assured employees when they start work with you. 


If you are interested in how we can help you with your recruitment objectives, please contact us directly for a meeting at info@agbresourcing.com

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